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neon portfolio

Everything on this page is 'One of a kind'

While most everything on this website is 'reproducible',
The following items will not be reproduced.
All of the items were created by neon artist Bill Buth.

More pieces will be added from time to time,
as they become available.


neon saxaphone

This is a collaborative piece done with
Keith Sarnow, Musician and Artist.
Keith takes old, real saxaphones, and
completely dissassmbles them, sandblasts
clean all of the components, and stratically
cuts openings with a plasma torch. He then
primes and airbrushes the sax body and all
of the keys, and creates an original metal
base. After the saxaphone is re-assembled,
he has me create neon tubes to come out of
the bell of the sax, and to fit inside the
the straight body.

This particular saxaphone is made with
10mm EGL Clear Bromo Blue glass, and
10mm Tecnolux Raspberry glass.
Cost for this one-of-a-kind masterpiece:

If you are interested, please call Bill at

neon saxaphone

neon saxaphone

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