Custom Made Neon Art and Neon Signs
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Find your inner NEON ARTIST!

Let us be your 'neon glassbender'.
Do you have an idea that you want to express in neon,
but don't know how to go about having it made?
Well, we want to create some neon...
for YOU!

the neon artiste
Bill Buth, famous Neon Artist.

I have designed and fabricated hundreds of works
of art in over 25 years.


Give me a call at 520-409-2090, and let's talk about it.
NO obligation. I LOVE to talk about neon.
If you have an idea of what you want, I can work with that;
Nothing is too outlandish;
you might not believe some of the things I've made!
No ideas? That's ok, too.
Need a gift? I've made hundreds of gifts.

If you feel more comfortable communicating via email use
this form...
There's no cost for a quote, no obligation,
no one will pester you if you don't want anything.

Thinking of some other kind of cool art,
but don't know what you want?
Check out Bill's Carnival for some ideas.
Click below...
bill's carnival of art

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Interested in learning more about neon?
We recommend these books:

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