neon art gallery Poker Neon Signs

Need the perfect sign to light
up those high stakes games of Texas Hold'em?
This will not only prove you're serious about your poker,
but will also show you've got good taste in neon!
All of these signs are made by US!

This is a 'plug-in' type table top neon piece.
Passionate purple lettering, red aces, white cards.
Approx. 15" wide x 18" high overall on black ceramic base.

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For the Poker Girl.

This is also a 'plug-in' type table top neon piece,
similar in function to the sign above.
Deeply blue lettering, raspberry heart,
Approx. 15" wide x 24" high overall on black ceramic base.

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This is a WALL HANGING neon sign;
the neon tubes are mounted to a rectangular black backing.
Hangs on the wall like a picture, and plugs into standard outlet.

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We can also personalize these poker signs, (and any of our signs),
by adding YOUR name, or anything else. Call 520-409-2090.

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